Company Profile
2010 Collection

Located in Santiago, Dominican Republic, which in the garment industry is well known because of it's strategic location, (1½ hours from United States) Majestic Coats is mainly concentrated in the manufacture of wool and non wool coats.
With a 25 years experienced management, Majestic Coats dresses the world with the highest quality products, and on time delivery.

After 23 years working as an employee for another facility, Majestic Coats's main executive and actual president of the company, Bolivar Fernandez, gets the idea of forming his own facility.
By year 2,000, he starts to work in this project and makes this dream come true, when in January, 2,002 finally Heaven Stitch is formed.

During the two years period, from the moment the idea was originated until the company was formed, a team of selected workers of the coats area, joined Mr. Fernandez in his project, becoming nowadays one of the factories with most experienced employees in the area at Dominican Republic.

To stitch a Majestic treatment and quality to our customers.

To improve the objectives of our customers in order to offer a better quality, having as a goal the development of our employees and the satisfaction of our costumers.

Heaven Stitch LTD.
Zona Franca Industrial de Santiago.
República Dominicana.
Tel. (809) 575-8973
Cel. (829) 341-8435
Cel. (829) 341-8436